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Software Engineer (SE)

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Information and Communication Technology

Software Engineer (SE)

You design and develop appropriate software. Of course, you do this in accordance with the wishes of the customer or the company you work for. You learn programming at the highest level, in different programming languages and according to the latest technologies. You know how to use your knowledge, techniques and skills in the field of software in such a way that you always know how to find a suitable solution.

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This is Software Engineer

During the first two years you discover the broad field of HBO-ICT. At the beginning of your third year, you choose one of three study routes: Software Engineer, Data Science or Business IT Consultant.

Year 3

When you choose Software Engineer, your minor and internship in year 3 (in the Netherlands or abroad) are dedicated to your chosen study route. In your fourth year, the first semester is dedicated to your chosen study route, after which you graduate with a graduation research at a company of your choice.

Year 4

In the fourth year, the first semester is devoted to your chosen study route. You get started with a project and follow courses in the field of Data Science.

You and your team will work on a major project. The projects you can work on are very diverse. For example, students worked on software applications in healthcare, on a geo-application where you can see information on an interactive map and on a digital twin of a solar boat.

You graduate from a company of your choice.

You follow courses, such as:

  1. Modern programming practices
    You learn to develop software according to the latest techniques and innovations.
  2. Security by design
    You step into the shoes of a hacker, study the design of software systems and through analysis you discover the weak spots and how you can improve them

Information and Communication Technology

Software Engineer is part of the Information and Communication Technology

In the IT study programme at HZ you choose your own focus area within the broad field of IT. You are given ample space to choose the track that suits you. Will you soon be designing software? Or will you be converting data into useful insights for a company? Or are you the bridge between IT technology, employees and organisations? Whichever study track you choose, you will soon be able to work in one of the most innovative and leading sectors: IT!

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Your future

After graduation

Career prospects

As an IT graduate you can work in many different professions. You have a broad education, but the Software Engineer study track also involves a number of specific professions. Whichever position you start in, you will always be in close contact with the customer to find the best IT solution. You can get started as:

  • Embedded software engineer
  • Web application developer
  • Front-end developer

Bachelor's degree

Congratulations, you're now graduated! From now on you may use the title ‘Bachelor of Science’.