Approximately 500 students from all over the world come to study at HZ, which ensures a truly international atmosphere. You can give your personal studies an international flavour as well through our international internship and study possibilities. HZ encourages students to explore their options for an international experience by offering the following options:

We believe in international exchange programmes, so we offer you the opportunity to study for one semester at one of our many partner universities. Learning other languages, study with students from other cultures in an international environment will make you more competitive on the labor market after your graduation.

Interested in an internship abroad? We can help find an appropriate internship for you. We have an extensive network of options in various countries. An internship abroad gives you the opportunity to meet new people and be immersed in a new culture. You might learn a new language and you will come back with a backpack full of experiences, it will also look great on your resume!

Before you decide to go abroad during your studies at HZ, it is very important that you make a clear estimate of your expenses. Not only for yourself, but also for those who will possibly co-finance it. There are possibilities to make the financing easier, for example by a scholarship or grant. Read more about them here.

Go Abroad Fair
During the Go Abroad Fair the HZ International Office will answer your questions about studying abroad. There will also be HZ-students who have studied abroad last year to represent the partner institute where they studied themselves. They can give you detailed information on the place where they studied, and other useful tips and tricks.

Pre-Departure Evening
Every year the HZ International Office organises a Pre-Departure Evening. Students who will study abroad and/or do an internship the following year are invited to this, as well as their parents. The purpose of this evening is to prepare students as well as possible for their stay abroad. On the evening itself we will organise a number of Q & A sessions.

A life-changing experience

Would you like to do a minor or an internship abroad? These students have already done so! Are you curious how they experienced this and where they went? They are happy to share their stories with you.

"This experience will stay with me forever and I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity"

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"I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New Zealand for an internship position"

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Partner Universities

HZ has an extensive international network with the business world and other universities. These enable you to organize a one-semester exchange and/or work placement during your studies. Find a list of all our partner universities from all over the world.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

With the award of Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for the period 2021 - 2027, HZ has access to the new Erasmus+ programme for higher education institutions. This means that HZ can apply for Erasmus+ budgets from the European Commission (EC) and award grants to HZ students for study or work placement. There is also a budget for faculty and staff who go to a partner institution for knowledge exchange. By signing the ECHE, HZ guarantees to comply with the general quality requirements set by the EC for cooperation and mobility within Erasmus+.

In this new ECHE, the EC pays much attention to a number of new themes: digitalisation, sustainability and inclusion.

Grade distribution

All programmes offered by the HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ) use a numerical 10-point grading scale in accordance with the Dutch grading system for higher education. We have set up a special page where you can find out the value of your grades.