Between Monday August 28 and Friday September 1, the municipality of Vlissingen has planned work on the Prins Hendrikweg. The HZ will remain accessible from the station and vice versa.

The municipality of Vlissingen wants to create a good connection between the city center, the Kenniswerf and the station area. The municipality is therefore transforming the main roads on the Kenniswerf in five phases into connecting roads that fit within the area.

With the redesign, the municipality wants to create more space for pedestrians and cyclists, improve the quality of stay and optimize traffic circulation.

Work in week 35
On Monday, August 28 (week 35), KPN and Delta Fiber will begin work on Prins Hendrikweg on and around the lots near the intersection with Oude Veerhavenweg (station side). This work will last through Friday, September 1.

On September 18, DNWG will begin modifications to the electric and water lines on the west side of Prince Henry Road (port side). Following this work on the west side, the company will make adjustments to the electricity and gas lines on the east side of Prins Hendrikweg (station side).

During the work, Prins Hendrikweg to and from the station will be accessible to cyclists and pedestrians via a set detour.

In this drawing you will find the detours in week 35.

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