The results of the National Student Survey 2023 show that HZ students are once again satisfied with their study programme and university of applied sciences. On all 50 components of seven nationally tested themes, students give HZ a score that is significantly higher than the national average. The quality is thus very consistent.

Rating of students
From January to March 2023, students gave their assessment of their studies. This year, the HZ response was 46%, compared to a national response of 34%. The NSE results show a very positive and consistent picture, with scores significantly above the national hbo average. Below is a brief overview of the main results.

Results core themes, these are compared to other universities of applied sciences (benchmark):

  • Of the seven core themes, study guidance (3.97 on a scale of 5), connection to professional practice (3.95) and involvement and contact with the programme (3.90) score the highest.
  • HZ students are satisfied with their 'study programme in general' (3.80) and 'the atmosphere at the study programme' (4.20). They also responded positively to the question 'would you choose your study programme again' (3.75).
  • Of the core theme of 'satisfaction in general', 'atmosphere' (4.19), 'study facilities' (3.89), 'general skills acquired' (3.89), studyability of the programme (3.87) and teachers (3.85) were rated highest.

An affirmation
"We appreciate the high engagement of our students and that they shared their experiences through the NSE," says Barbara Oomen, chairwoman of the Executive Board. "The results fit exactly with what we strive for: being a personal university of applied sciences, where students are educated and guided in a pleasant and vibrant environment to become the professionals of the future. We are also proud that the results keep us at the same high level as last year. That is worth a big compliment to all HZ employees who make this possible."

Improving and innovating
The NSE is a source of information for HZ and future HZ students. The results are used to continue improving the quality of education and the organisation and to innovate. Study-goers see the quality of the school through the eyes of the current student which can help in making study choices.


National Student Survey
The National Student Survey (NSE) is an annual national satisfaction survey of higher education students. This year, students from 75 colleges and universities were invited to complete the NSE. The NSE results are published on and serve as a basis for the Keuzegids, among other things. The NSE is the responsibility of Stichting Studiekeuze123. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, in cooperation with students and the higher education sector.