It was a beautiful afternoon with lots of commotion: about 50 students from Zeeland's elementary school visited the HZ in Middelburg on Wednesday. They had a fun assignment: testing games.

150 HZ students HBO-ICT and Teacher Primary Education combined their knowledge and enthusiasm to develop educational games for this young target group. Games about cyberthreats, social media, fake news, scamming and phishing, among others. "The students were allowed to play the games at the HZ and vote for their favorite. The teams in the top three were rewarded for their performance in a fun way. Everyone was enthusiastic and we only saw happy faces," says organizing teacher Elio Tolhoek.


HZ project leader Digital Literacy Jorick Vos: "This is a project with impact and I see the collaboration as a real win-win situation. PABO students immersed themselves in the environment and development of their students, HBO-ICT students developed their professional knowledge and learned to listen to customers. The games were tested beforehand in very many elementary schools. Hundreds of pupils and students were introduced to digital literacy and online safety."

Special thanks to all the students at De Regenboog Elementary School!