At HZ University of Applied Sciences we form a community that is international. We are deeply concerned about the situation and developments in the state of Ukraine. Our thoughts go out to all who live in the country and the region.

Many of our students are from Eastern Europe; in addition, we see developments that deeply affect both lecturers, students, and all people working throughout the organisation.

Sympathetic ear

We understand if you have questions or worries, and we wish to offer support. Please contact your study coordinator; should you prefer to speak to another person, one option is to contact Bert Schollema at +31 6 222 05 676, or staff members of International Office Astrid Umgrove at +31118489747 or Johannetta van den Broek at +31118489118. Furthermore, you could also contact our student psychologists via or check MyHZ.


What is happening now in Ukraine is terrible. We can imagine that this worrying situation is leading to conversations in the classroom and in the workplace and may possibly lead to tensions. As we strive to provide a safe learning and working environment for all our students and staff, we ask everyone to engage in conversations on this topic in a respectful manner.

Statement Vereniging van Hogescholen

We endorse the statement of the Vereniging van Hogescholen regarding the war in Ukraine.

Kind regards,

John Dane, President of the Executive Board