From now on, hot drinks like coffee and tea can be obtained in a reusable cup: the Billie Cup. By using Billie Cup, we can save a lot of waste. At the HZ, we used to throw away 200,000 to 300,000 coffee cups every year! This will now change.

Get your Billie Cup for free until 12 January

Don't yet have your own cup or mug for your hot drinks from the HZ Shop or the coffee machine? At the HZ Shop and HZ Catering, you can buy a Billie Cup including lid for €1.50. Is your Cup worn out or do you need a different size for your latte macchiato? Then it will be exchanged free of charge.

How it works

  • Collect your cup
    Get your cup from the HZ Shop (Vlissingen) and HZ Catering (Vlissingen and Middelburg) for €1.50.
  • Clean your cup and score another drink
    With the Billie Cup, you get drinks from the HZ Shop, HZ Catering and coffee machines. You wash your used cup yourself before returning it (possible at all pantries). With your clean Billie Cup you can score another drink.
  • Deposit coin
    Don't order or get a new drink right away? Then return your cup and choose a deposit coin. You can use this coin next time for a new cup.

Frequently asked questions

From 1 January 2024, all paper cups in the HZ will be replaced by Billie Cups. These are recyclable drinking cups with a trade-in system. In the Netherlands, 5.5 million coffee cups are thrown away every day. By using Billie Cups, we can save a lot of waste and thus contribute to a better world.

You can get a Billie Cup for €1 at the HZ Shop or at HZ Catering. For a lid, you pay €0.50. You then use your Billie Cup for your drinks from the coffee machines or from the HZ Shop. Prefer to use your own cup? They will also gladly fill these at the HZ Shop with your favourite drink.

Do you prefer using the mugs in the staff room and restaurant? Of course, those remain available too. After use, put them in the racks provided in the atrium and restaurant. That way, we prevent dirty dishes from accumulating in the sinks.

Within the HZ, we use 2 sizes of Billie Cups: the blue one contains 0.2l and the cream one contains 0.3l. Initially, you will get the blue Cup. Does your latte macchiato not fit in this one? Then your cup will be exchanged for a larger size free of charge.

Billie Cups are made of the plastic polypropylene. This allows them to withstand at least 500 washes. Moreover, they are suitable for all types of dishwashers. Compared to other materials, polypropylene is the best option in terms of energy consumption in production and recycling. When a Cup has been reused 5 times, environmental benefits already arise.

If you want to exchange your Billie Cup for another size Cup or a trade-in coin, hand it in at the HZ Shop, HZ Catering or the restaurant. You should then wash your Billie Cup yourself. You can do this at the coffee corners or at the sink next to the catering on Edisonweg. Washing-up liquid, a washing-up brush and a tea towel are available at these points.

Yes, you can. If you want a drink from the coffee machine, you can get an empty Billie Cup from the HZ Shop, catering or in the restaurant.

The Billie Cup gets warm, but not hot. Thanks to its good insulation, you don't need a cup sleeve.

The Billie Cup will last at least 500 washes. In practice, they are still intact even after 1,000 uses. If your cup is worn out, you can always exchange it at the points indicated earlier. These cups will be returned to Billie Cup and recycled into new cups.

Because of the grooves and edges, the lids are more difficult to clean than the smooth cups. Therefore, it is not possible to return or exchange them.

You can exchange and return the Billie Cup at various locations in the Netherlands. You can find the participating locations on this map.

At HZ, you can hand in and exchange the cups at the HZ Shop and HZ Catering (Vlissingen and Middelburg).

When you receive a guest at the HZ, you obviously want to be able to offer them something to drink. A number of ceramic mugs are available for them. You can find these at the coffee corner in the staffroom on Edisonweg and in the restaurant in the Groene Woud. When you have used mugs, please put them back in the designated carts in the atrium and restaurant. That way, we avoid dirty dishes accumulating in sinks.

If you lose your coin, you can buy a new Cup for €1 (€1.50 including lid).