Sterre Hoenderop

Sterre Hoenderop

Sterre Hoenderop is a teacher-researcher at the Excellence and Innovation in Education lectureship.

'Self-insight contributes to greater well-being and self-confidence on a personal and professional level.'

Sterre studied Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She had already traveled to the United World College in India for the last two years of pre-university education and also completed her academic training there with an attitude survey in Mumbai.

After working as a pedagogue and psychomotor child therapist, in her own practice and in youth care, she has been a teacher of Pedagogy at the HZ University of Applied Sciences since 2020.

Within the Excellence and Innovation in Education professorship Sterre emphasizes the connection between youth care and (higher) education. She started PhD research in 2022 and received a PhD grant from NWO in 2024. 'My goal is to contribute to healthy youth care, for both clients and professionals, by actively investigating in learning networks, in education, the professional field and research, how the resilience of youth professionals can be strengthened based on a sense of meaning in work.'


Resilience youth professionals through meaning in work

The aim of this study is to contribute to reversing the downward spiral of dropout of youth care…