Patrick van Schaik

Patrick van Schaik

Patrick van Schaik has worked in various roles and positions in Zeeland's education sector for more than 20 years: physical education teacher, departmental leader, project leader, educational research and development and educational researcher. Patrick was born and raised in Goes.

In 2015, he graduated for the (part-time) master's degree in Educational Sciences at Utrecht University. Subsequently, he got an appointment as a lecturer-promotee at the Research Institute for Child Development and Education of the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. There, he obtained his PhD in 2020. In his PhD research, he focused on harnessing, co-constructing and sharing knowledge and insights in teacher development groups or professional learning communities.
On June 1, 2021, Patrick started as lector of Excellence and Innovation in Education at HZ University of Applied Sciences. He was inaugurated on April 21, 2022. His speech can be read here. The research of the research group focuses on what contributes to excellent education in the region, with specific attention to a learning culture in (educational) organizations, the key role (school) leaders have to play in this and the connection with the external environment.
Based on his expertise, Patrick participates in various cooperation initiatives, networks and organisations in the field of educational leadership research, practice-based research and the connection between research and practice knowledge. He is a member of the Working in Education programme committee of the Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek (NRO) and of the academic advisory board of Penta Nova's Educational Leadership master's programme.


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