Patrick van Schaik

Patrick van Schaik

Patrick van Schaik is a lecturer at the Excellence and Innovation in Education lectureship.

'Working together on educational quality in the region.'

Patrick has been working in various roles and positions in Zeeland education for more than twenty years: physical education teacher, HAVO department leader, project leader, educational expert and educational researcher. He was born and raised in Goes.

In 2015 Patrick obtained his master's degree in Educational Sciences from Utrecht University. He was subsequently appointed as a PhD candidate at the Research Institute for Child Development and Education of the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. He received his PhD there in 2020. In his PhD research he focused on utilizing, co-constructing and sharing knowledge and insights in teacher development groups or professional learning communities.

On June 1, 2021, Patrick started as a lecturer in Excellence and Innovation in Education at HZ University of Applied Sciences. He was inaugurated on April 21, 2022. The research of the professorship focuses on (regional) collaboration on educational quality, with specific attention to a learning culture in (educational) organizations, the key role that (school) leaders must fulfill in this and the connection with the external environment.

Based on his expertise, Patrick participates in various collaborative initiatives, networks and organizations in the field of research into educational leadership, practice-oriented research and the connection between research and practical knowledge. He is a member of the Working in Education Program Committee of the National Educational Research Agency (NRO) and of the scientific advisory board of Penta Nova's Educational Leadership master's program. He is also project leader of the Leadership in Education Platform and is a lecturer in 'training across the boundaries of primary and secondary education' at the National Expertise Center for Primary and Secondary Education (LEPOVO).

Projects: Companion research 'Collaborating on educational quality in the region': Processes and results of regional knowledge networks: overarching lessons from a system perspective (in collaboration with Oberon Research & Advice, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam); Scan Healthcare institution as a learning organization (in collaboration with Scalda, Hybrid Learning Environments practice group and Viazorg); Influence of lob on a choice for teacher for HAVO students at secondary schools in Zeeland; Working together on investigative skills in the profile paper.


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