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Patrick van Schaik

Patrick van Schaik has been working in secondary education for some twenty years as a teacher of physical education and, since 2018, as an educational research and educational development specialist within the branches of Calvijn College. Patrick also worked for ten years as a team leader of the havo. In 2015, Patrick graduated from the master's programme in Educational Sciences at Utrecht University. Subsequently, he received an appointment as a teacher-promoter, at the Research Insitute for Child Development and Education and the Kohnstamm Institute of the University of Amsterdam. Patrick's PhD research focused on the theme of co-construction of knowledge in teacher development groups. Simply put, he researched how teachers learn and develop with each other within groups, such as professional learning communities, what this yields and what conditions are important in this. He completed his PhD in 2020. "My affinity and growing expertise lies mainly in learning more from and with each other within and between schools. Of course, the school is about student learning, but I believe that where teachers learn together, students learn better. I like to think of the school as a professional learning community. From that expertise, I am involved in various collaborative initiatives in which we focus on creating and supporting a learning and/or research culture in schools". Patrick started as a lector Excellence and Innovation in Education on 1 June 2021.