Deltawerken 3

Pádraig Naughton

Coordinator Asset Management

Pádraig Naughton was educated in his country of birth Ireland. He completed his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Ireland and obtained a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.
He then worked for many large companies. For example, he was employed by Dow in Terneuzen for eighteen years and by Alliance Laundry Systems for just over five years.
Since 2020, he has been a researcher and coordinator at the Asset Management chair. His research focuses on data-driven, risk-based techniques with which you can make predictive maintenance models. These can be used to optimise the maintenance of assets such as bridges and roads.
Pádraig is particularly interested in sustainability and life extension. He says he is 'driven by a passion for innovation' and wants to convert ideas into solutions that add value to organisations and companies.