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Jasper van Houcke

Lecturer Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Jasper van Houcke is a lecturer and senior researcher at the Aquaculture in Delta Areas research group. He has been working for the research group since 2005 and focuses on inland waterway aquaculture with organisms such as algae, shellfish, ragworm and fish. After studying aquatic ecotechnology at HZ University of Applied Sciences, he completed a master's degree in aquaculture at Ghent University. After that, he obtained a PhD from Wageningen University. The title of his research was 'Biochemical composition, volatile organic compounds, sensory and consumer evaluation of Pacific cupped oysters during land-based refinement'. He investigated whether the taste and quality of land-based oysters can be influenced by the feed.

His expertise lies in the fields of aquaculture, shellfish culture, seafood research, sensory research, consumer research, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, feed and live feed, production systems and recirculation systems.