Jakolien van der Meer

Jakolien van der Meer

Dr. ir. Jakolien van der Meer is a mathematician with a specialization in numerical analysis and fluid dynamics, optimization and geosciences. Jakolien has extensive experience in numerical calculation methods, modeling and simulations.

She works as a lecturer-researcher at the lecturer Supply Chain Innovation at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Among other things, she is involved in the Zero Emission project. Among other things, she has developed a tool that helps companies to make a strategic choice in the transition to electric transport modes.
She is also working on the FTMAAS project as a researcher, for which she is setting up a simulation to provide insight into information processes in the arrival and waiting times of suppliers.
She previously worked at TU Delft as a PhD student at the interface of earth sciences and applied mathematics and as a technical consultant at Sioux LIME where she worked, among other things, on a project for ASM in the field of process optimization. Jakolien holds a master's and bachelor's degree in applied mathematics.




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