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Jacob van Berkel

Lecturer Delta Power

The driving force behind the Delta Power lectureship is lecturer Dr. Ir. Jacob van Berkel. He is very passionate about sustainable energy. In addition to his appointment as a lecturer, Jacob runs his own company, Entry Technology, which focuses on sustainable energy. On the one hand, he advises governments, research institutes and manufacturers on sustainable energy technologies: tidal energy and hydropower, solar energy, heat pumps, energy storage and thermodynamics. On the other hand, he develops, produces and markets solar energy systems.
In addition to being an entrepreneur and scientist, Jacob is an inventor. He has eleven patents in the field of solar energy, energy storage and hydropower. For example, he has designed a small water turbine, of which some three million have been made by now. In his hometown Rhenen, he is also jokingly called 'Willy Wortel'.