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Ingrid Snijders

Ingrid Snijders is a senior researcher at the Applied Research Centre Vitality of HZ University of Applied Sciences, in the lectureship Healthy Region. Her current work focuses on various (international) research projects. In 2021, Ingrid obtained her doctorate at Utrecht University. In her dissertation, she departs from the Social Exchange Theory and applies ideas from relationship and service management in higher education. These are translated into a research model to investigate relationship quality and engagement in higher education. The underlying research proposal was awarded the NWO PhD Scholarship for Teachers (Grantnumber 023.006.035). Research skills Ingrid taught research skills at the HZ and provided graduation guidance to students of human behaviour and economics programmes. She also held the position of coordinator of study career coaching at the Academy for Economics and worked at the Quality Assurance department. As part of her PhD research, Ingrid presented her research articles at various international conferences, which have since been published in international scientific journals. With a preference for doing research, Ingrid is always curious about new research projects. She likes to make various crossovers in theory, methodology and application in practice.