Iarima Mendonça


Iarima Mendonça is a researcher in the field of Water Technology at HZ University of Applied Sciences. She achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at PUC Minas University, in Brazil, in 2019. Iarima started at HZ by participating in the Living Lab Biobased Brazil programme, in which she assisted the study of an Ion Exchange lab-setup; a collaborative project between HZ and Evides Industriewater. Iarima joined the research group in 2020 and has so far worked on activities that involve laboratory work and computational analyzes. Among these, Iarima worked for the NEREUS (New Energy and Resources for Urban Sanitation) and ZDZW (Zeeuws Deltaplan Zoet Water) projects. She is currently working on the Digital Twins Waterbeheer project, by studying the modelling of a wastewater treatment plant. Along with research, Iarima is also involved in assisting students in the current assignments.