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Hilde Kooiker - Den Boer

Hilde graduated in 1998 as a teacher in primary education. She then studied Dutch Language and Literature at Utrecht University. She worked in primary education for ten years as a group teacher and internal supervisor. Since September 2012, she has been a teacher of Dutch at the PABO. She is very interested in language development and in particular in how children learn to read and write. Much is already known about the processes that take place during reading and writing and the factors that influence these processes. However, this knowledge is not always translated into educational practice yet. In April 2018, Hilde started a PhD study in which she explores the possibilities of integrating work on reading and writing skills into education in Science and Technology and investigates the effect of this integration on the learning outcomes of pupils in upper primary school. "We see that language education is currently highly compartmentalised, this applies both to sub-skills within language and to language education in relation to other subjects. The language knowledge that pupils acquire in language lessons is hardly ever used by teachers in other subjects."