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Hilde Kooiker - den Boer


Hilde trained as a teacher in our own primary school teacher training programme. She then studied Dutch language and literature at Utrecht University, where she researched the influence of text structure on comprehension and appreciation of textbook texts in vmbo.
She worked in primary education for ten years and has been teaching Dutch in the primary education teacher training programme at HZ University of Applied Sciences since 2012. Within the professorship Excellence and Innovation in Education, Hilde represents the literacy pillar.
She is project manager of the Werkplaats onderwijsonderzoek Leesvaardigheid, in which teachers from the entire education column in Zeeland work together in an investigative way to strengthen their reading teaching. As a PhD student at Utrecht University, Hilde is also researching the possibilities of integrating reading education into science & technology lessons in the upper grades of primary education. The focus is on teaching knowledge about the structure of texts.