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Gert Jacobusse


Gert Jacobusse is a researcher for the Data Science chair and is particularly interested in Predictive Analytics. In this discipline, historical data is used to examine relationships between variables. These relationships provide insight to better understand processes, but can also help to predict certain target variables. Furthermore, he has expertise in the field of research design and statistical testing for data issues.
Besides his work for the research group, Gert is active as an entrepreneur in the field of Data Science (www.rogatio.nl). He works for various clients on innovative applications of Data Science, including sales forecasts and product recommendations.
He also participates in Data Science competitions at www.kaggle.com, where companies make their data available to researchers to explore solutions through analysis competitions. Here he has won several competitions and reached a high position (number 7) on the international ranking.
Gert was trained in Methods and Techniques of Psychology, also known as Psychometrics, at Leiden University (1999-2003) and has since applied Data Science to several fields. For TNO, he has worked on setting up and performing statistical analysis within epidemiological research, and the statistical assessment of research designs and research reports. For the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), he contributed as a researcher to projects in which various government services (including the police, investigation services, tax authorities, IND, UWV) share data and conduct research into the use of Intelligent Data Analysis.