Bart Letterie

Bart Letterie

Bart Letterie is a researcher in the Water Technology research group at HZ University of Applied Sciences.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Soil, Water and Atmosphere and a Master's degree in Hydrology and Water Quality from Wageningen University and Research, where he graduated in 2013.
Bart has extensive experience in the wastewater treatment sector from his previous work at LambWeston Meijer where he was an Environmental Engineer responsible for the wastewater treatment plant. Bart gained additional knowledge in this area by attending the Higher Technology Wastewater Treatment course. Here he learned to design new wastewater treatment plants and solve problems at existing plants.
At the HZ, Bart's involvement includes the FRESH4Cs project where the focus is on investigating alternative freshwater sources and possibilities for water storage in low-lying coastal areas. Besides his work at the research group, he is involved in the Water Management program and teaches Environmental Chemistry and several courses in the subjects Water Pollution and Treatment and Advanced Water Technology.




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