Andries Nieuwenhuize

Andries Nieuwenhuize

Andries Nieuwenhuize is a teacher-researcher at the Excellence and Innovation in Education lectureship.

'How does the use of serious games promote teachers' confidence in recognizing and discussing online bullying?'

Andries studied Computer Science at HZ University of Applied Sciences. He obtained a master's degree in Software Engineering from the Open University of the Netherlands, where he conducted research into unlocking sociological theories about bullying for game designers. For this he used game design lenses, game design principles on a card.

He has worked as a software developer for ten years and finds applying design solutions in software just as fascinating as discussing ethical issues that arise when the same software is used in society.

Since 2017 Andries has been an ICT lecturer at HZ University of Applied Sciences and in 2023 he started as a lecturer-researcher at the Excellence and Innovation in Education lectorate, where he is preparing a PhD research into serious games: games that are used to learn and change behavior. He wants to investigate how primary school teachers can best use serious games against online bullying.