During this project, the needs of students, study career coaches (SLCs) and teachers will be investigated in relation to the three project pillars.

Students, SLCs and teachers are best placed to indicate their needs and perceptions. Input from these stakeholders is also indispensable in formulating problems and designing solutions. Ultimately, the intended outcome of this project is to form a community of teachers/SLCs and students, in which research and learning about inclusive education is done together.

The three project pillars are:

- Early identification of support needs in learning and behavioural problems and talents

- Teaching differentiation in the classroom

- Student career coaching in differentiated curriculum


The objectives are to formulate and implement practices and tools for teachers and SLCs regarding early identification of learning or behavioural problems in the broad sense, practices and tools for teachers regarding differentiation in the classroom, practices and tools for SLCs regarding study career coaching of students in a differentiated curriculum (including acceleration trajectories).

Research group

Excellence and Innovation in Education

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