Ingrid Snijders, Kalina Mikolajczak-Degrauwe and Mareike Millner of the Healthy Region professorship recently presented their research 'ZIS Leefbaarheid/Studentenbinding' to an international group of students.

They did so at the invitation of the Kinesis Network and the University of Navarra in Spain. The Kinesis Network is an international partnership of organizations and knowledge institutions that seek to revitalize shrinking and marginalized areas. They do this in part by exchanging knowledge, innovative ideas and best practices.

In 'ZIS Leefbaarheid/Studentenbinding', research was conducted into the motivations of students to stay or not stay in Zeeland after their studies. It provides insight into their choices and thus the livability of Zeeland. The presentation by the Healthy Region researchers is available as a webinar.