The special character of Province of Zeeland, the amount of activities that take place here, including agriculture and industry, combined with increasing soil salinization and the effects of climate change, such as wetter winters and drier summers, require smart solutions in the area of water.

Hans Cappon contributed several in his inaugural speech on Wednesday, June 14. He was inaugurated as lector in Water Technology at HZ University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday. His speech was preceded by a mini-symposium led by Robert E. Trouwborst and featuring speakers Tessa Philipse-Steenbakker of Evides Water Company, Länk Vaessen of the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), Bastiaan Notebaert of Vlakwa and Teunike van 't Hof and an explanation of research group projects by research coordinator Emma McAteer.

HZ board chair Barbara Oomen called Water Technology 'an example of an ideal lectureship for the HZ'. "The theme is enormously important for our region. It stems from practice, collaborates a lot with it and is closely linked to our education," she said before wrapping Cappon with the jewelry made especially for Cappon.

Beautiful stuff
The lecturer himself said he is far from finished with his team, which in addition to Emma consists of Mireille Martens, Maria Orhideea van Schaik, Iarima Silva Mendonça and Bart Letterie. "The beauty of water is under pressure for now and the tangle has certainly not yet unraveled. Water remains, beneath all that, no matter what, unchanged beautiful stuff."