Jasper van Houcke was inaugurated as lecturer Aquaculture in Delta Areas on Thursday, Nov. 2.

Despite the Ciarán storm, limited train traffic and long traffic jams on the A58 due to the closed Vlaketunnel, it was busy in Het Groene Woud in Middelburg.

In the first part of the afternoon, visitors were updated by researchers of the lectorate on research into micro and macro algae and shellfish, among other things. Jouke Heringa, Gabrielle Verbeeke, Lotte Julia Bouman, Pascalle Jacobse and Nathan Hoefnagel, together with students, showed what they do, how they work and told, among other things, how their work contributes to the protein transition and sustainable food production.

Oyster farmer Jean Dhooge, who works with the research group in Waterdunen nature reserve, among other things, allowed visitors to sample the research material.

Inaugural speech

After the break, Van Houcke delivered his speech. In it he talked about the future of low-trophic aquaculture and the role of the Dutch sector in it. His speech can be viewed here.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas is one of the oldest professorships of the HZ. The research group works together with national and international partners, but certainly also with (shellfish) entrepreneurs and organizations in the region.