Rutger Schonis of the municipality Middelburg and Barbara Oomen, president of the Executive Board of HZ University of Applied Sciences, opened the Biobased Beleven building on the Siloterrein in Middelburg on Thursday.

The two-storey eye-catcher of the area on the Kleverkerkseweg is fully circularly built and consists mostly of biobased materials. Architecture and Construction Engineering students from the HZ produced the design. It was elaborated by architects Taco Tuinhof and Derk Thijs. Lecturer Willem Böttger, Phoebus Panigyrakis and project leader Maarten den Hollander of the research group Biobased Construction also had a major role in the project.


On the ground floor of the building, an exhibition has been set up with all kinds of biobased building materials. On the first floor will be a studio. It was built as part of Interreg 2 Seas programme FACET. With the Biobased Experience building, the HZ, both architects and all project partners want to show the possibilities of the circular economy in tourist accommodation.