On July 1, 2023, the Delta Climate Center (DCC) will be established as a new and innovative knowledge center in the field of climate adaptation. For the DCC, we're looking for a scientific director and a business director.

The DCC’s mission is to develop and connect knowledge about Zeeland’s delta to answer societal challenges around the transitions to a sustainable, climate-resilient and prosperous delta with a focus on water, energy and food. This takes shape through broad private-public cooperation in research, education and business development. The DCC aims to help realize innovative and impactful solutions for a future-proof delta. The institute is being established by six knowledge institutions, namely Utrecht University, Wageningen University, HZ/University of Applied Sciences, Scalda, University College Roosevelt and NIOZ. The management is formed by a scientific director and a business director. The management is accountable for the the DCC.

Business director

The business director is responsible for setting up an effective and efficient support organization for the DCC. They will work with the scientific director to develop the strategy for the future and to expand and strengthen the knowledge position of the DCC. The full vacancy can be found here.

Scientific director

The scientific director is responsible for translating the substantive principles and frameworks related to research, education and impact into an implementation strategy and annual plans. Together with the business director, they lead the DCC office (where employees are employed by the participating organizations). The full vacancy can be found here.

The first round of interviews for both positions will be held on May 30, 2023 in Vlissingen.