Dow Terneuzen aims to become more self-sufficient in fresh water. The TKI Wetlands project has advanced this goal

he Water Technology research group at HZ University of Applied Sciences of lecturer Hans Cappon and researcher Mireille Martens has been closely involved in the research project..

The wetlands make it easier to reuse treated wastewater as industrial water, important in an area like Zeeuws-Vlaanderen where fresh water is scarce. The international organisation Water Reuse Europe, which wants to promote the reuse of water, paid attention to the study, which ran from 2019 to 2021.

Natural wastewater treatment

During the experiment, the wastewater in two wetlands of 350 square metres each, located near the factory in Terneuzen, received two natural treatments. It turned out that as a result, fewer chemicals had to be added in the factory plants to purify it. The process also required less energy.

The Wetlands project is part of the Robust Water System Zeeuws-Vlaanderen partnership. Seventeen regional parties are working together to make the water system future-proof.

The article Water Reuse Europe can be read here.