The province has loaned one hundred EC meters to Scalda's green courses. EC stands for electrical conductivity: the higher the EC value, the more salt there is in the water. With these meters, students chart the amount of salt in Zeeland's surface water. HZ students and research group Data Science will analyze the measurement data.

Periods of drought are also becoming more frequent in Zeeland. These alternate with heavy rains. Weather extremes put pressure on the availability of fresh water. This is because during droughts, surface water can easily become saline. This is then no longer usable for agriculture. The province finds it important that (young) farmers are aware of Zeeland's water system. The Scalda students map where the water is fresh, brackish or salty. For this they use the Nitrate App, which was developed by the province and Deltares. Students from HZ and the Data Science research group will analyze the measurements. The province hopes to gain even more insight into the Zeeland water system through this collaboration. There will be more clarity about possible measures to ensure that fresh water is available at times when it is desperately needed.

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