Research group Healthy Region has evaluated the local prevention plan 'Together for a healthier Middelburg'. The researchers presented the results on Jan. 18 during a meeting at HZ University of Applied Sciences in Het Groene Woud in the Municipality of Middelburg.

The prevention plan ran from 2021 to 2023. The agreement includes initiatives and measures that give Middelburg residents the opportunity to live healthier lives. It focuses on a healthy weight, reducing problematic alcohol use and smoking, mental health and a healthy living environment. Underlying factors are also included.

According to the municipality, such an agreement is necessary because there is an increase in the number of chronically ill and mentally ill people, there is an aging population and healthcare costs continue to rise.


The meeting at the HZ was opened by alderman Willemien Treurniet. Then Sybren Slimmen of the lectorate gave a lecture on the mental health of young adults. His colleague Anne Muilenburg presented the results of the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the 32 projects involved in the agreement. The conclusion states the projects have contributed to the creation of a broad network of parties working together for a healthier Middelburg.

Following the presentations, Anton Engels of the research group and Yannick Mol, vitality and healthy environment consultant, conducted workshops for those interested.