Robert Trouwborst stepped down as leading lector of the Applied Research Center Technology Water Environment on Wednesday. He did so during the monthly meeting with professors and coordinators of the ARC's research groups.

Robert held the position since 2016. Under his watch, the ARC grew into a unit with 10 research groups and more than 50 FTEs. "You played a major role in unifying and professionalizing research within HZ. In doing so, you have constantly put your trust in our people and seen and used their talents," said Barbara Oomen, chairwoman of the Executive Board.
In addition to his position as leading lector, Robert played an important role in the creation of the JRCZ and was closely involved in the plans around the Delta Climate Center.

320 projects

Robert himself said he is most proud of the 320 research projects that have been initiated in the past five years. "That is mainly to the credit of the professors, coordinators and researchers. In that, I was just a small cog in the wheel."
Robert is not leaving HZ. In the coming weeks, he will wrap up business and hand over his duties to a successor, who is not yet known. At the same time, he will be looking for a new position within HZ.
Research within the HZ is divided between two ARCs. In addition to the ARC TWE, there is ARC Vitality. Of these, Olaf Timmermans is leading lecturer.