Jasper van Houcke and Eva Hartog of the Aquaculture in Delta Areas research group contributed to the wonderful cahier "Wetland agriculture - opportunities and downsides of wet cultivation.

The researchers from HZ University of Applied Sciences contributed the chapters on mussels and oysters.

Wetland agriculture has been developing rapidly for years, is the book's message. The cultivation of algae, algae, peat moss and bulrush to aquatic animals such as sponges, shellfish, shrimp and fish offers many opportunities, but caution is needed. "How do we avoid ending up in the same problems as traditional agriculture?" write compilers Prof. Dr. E. van Donk of NIOO-KNAW, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Komen (WUR) and Dr. Ir. E. Weerman (NIOO-KNAW).

Life Sciences

The cahier can be ordered from the webshop of the site of the Biosciences and Society Foundation (BWM), a foundation that aims to promote the current and future development and application of life sciences: www.biomaatschappij.nl.