International student Theresa studies the bachelor Tourism Management at HZ. "If you want the practical approach and really want to learn how to do it, I think HZ is perfect for you."

What sparked your interest in studying Tourism Management?

"With Tourism Management, I want to travel, explore the world. I think it's the best way to do it. You can really combine it well with your career and your personal kind of hobbies and passions."

How would you describe Tourism Management?

"Well, the way I usually describe Tourism Management is kind of like a business degree for the tourism industry. We cover a lot of different aspects like marketing, finance, human resource management, but always apply them to the broad field of the tourism industry. We do case studies on hotels, event management, airlines, theme parks—basically anything you can imagine."

What does a typical day in the field of Tourism Management look like for you?

"On a day-to-day basis, Tourism Management is quite diverse. We work on a lot of group projects, have classes, but every week is different. We don't always have the same schedule and have quite a lot of free time, which is nice. So, we can arrange our own timing when working on projects. Sometimes we have exams, but it's not always the same, which makes it fun as well."

What helped you to feel welcome as an international student?

"It really helped me to feel at home here in Vlissingen and at the HZ. The teachers are super welcoming and very personal. You're very much on eye level with them, which I think is super nice. The international community here is also fantastic. There are so many international students, and everyone is kind of in the same situation. We just become each other's family, helping each other out. It was really easy actually to transition here."

What do you think sets HZ apart when it comes to practical learning in Tourism Management?

"If you want the practical approach and really want to learn how to do it, I think HZ is perfect because they really give you the opportunities to use what you learn."

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