What is the study programme International Business about?

"The topics we discuss in international business are quite diverse, as it covers everything in the business, like marketing, finance, economics, and export planning. Personally, my favourite topic so far has been export planning. International business is a broad field that offers a lot of learning opportunities."

What's the most valuable project you've worked on so far?

"In the first block of our second year, we worked on a project called organizational behaviour. During this project, we had the opportunity to interact with the company's owners and gain insight into the responsibilities of each team member and how the company operates internally. It was an intriguing aspect of our study because we got to speak with employees who shared their real work experiences and insights."

How do you experience the atmosphere of HZ?

"HZ has a very cosy and colourful environment that makes you feel welcome and comfortable, which helps with focus. Overall, it's a great place to study."

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