The course Industrial Engineering & Management teaches you how to use technology, management theory and business economics in such a way that you will be able to improve production processes and to make organizations profitable or more sustainable

You have an interest in technology, you enjoy coming up with smart solutions for the technical and management field. You are versatile and you can work in different branches of an organization, regardless whether it is the planning, purchasing, production or distribution department. With your problem-solving abilities, you are able to (re)design, improve and optimise production resources and processes by applying your knowledge on technology, business processes and change management.

We welcome exchange students in the 2nd year of the IE&M programme either in the Fall and/or Spring semester. Based on your educational background the programme coordinator will determine whether you will be admitted. Furthermore, we welcome exchange students in the 4th year of the programme, during the Project: Focus on Future. This project only runs in the Fall semester.

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What do you need to enter this programme? And what can you expect when you apply? In this section you'll find all you need to know!

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If you have been selected by your home university to study one or two semesters at the HZ, you may start your application by registering through our online application procedure. Please follow the procedure carefully to make sure your application is registered.

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Practical information

Visa and residence permit

To enter the Netherlands for the purpose of studying, and during your studies, you may require a visa and/or a residence permit. Read more.


When you are looking for accommodation in Zeeland, there are possibilities to find a good and affordable room in Vlissingen or Middelburg. Most student houses are near the city centres and within cycling distance of HZ. In Vlissingen you are also close to the Boulevard and beach when you want to get a breath of fresh air. Read more.


Any questions about this programme or study abroad? You can contact Evelien Clemminck, Incoming Exchange Coordinator, with your questions.

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