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Exchange programmes

A study abroad can be a lifelong advantage. Our exchange programmes give students a taste of what studying in the Netherlands is like.

Our exchange programmes vary from one semester to a full year. HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen has exchange agreements with partner universities all around the world. Exchange periods are in the fall semester or in the spring semester.

To study in Vlissingen as an exchange student, your university needs an exchange agreement with us. If you would like to experience the international atmosphere at HZ, contact one of your exchange coordinators at your home institute. They will inform you on the registration procedure to study abroad and inform you about the available courses and selection procedures. 

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Overview programmes

International Business

International Business Studies (IBS) focuses on a hands‑on approach to entrepreneurship, management, sales, marketing and financial management. You will learn how to streamline company processes, think commercially and work within a financial framework. 

We welcome exchange students in our fall and spring semester. 

Click here for the course offer fall semester 2020-2021.
Click here for the course offer spring semester 2020-2021.

Innovative Entrepreneurship (semester programme)

HZ University of Applied Sciences offers the semester programme "Innovative Entrepreneurship". This is an English-language programme accessible to international (exchange) students. HZ has a long history in offering courses in Entrepreneurship and this year the focus will be on stimulating innovative entrepreneurship. The objective is to encourage new entrepreneurs to develop breakthrough-innovations, not only from a technological viewpoint but also from an economical viewpoint.

Click here for more info.

Tourism Management

Tourism Management programme has a strong international orientation, with courses in Management, Tourism, Vitality and Wellness, Sports, Health, Human Resources Management and Hospitality.

We welcome exchange students in our fall and spring semester. For more info on the courses please click here.


In our Chemistry programme we can welcome exchange students in the Fall and Spring semester. 

For more info on the courses please click here.


Our Mechatronics programme is a specialisation programme on 4th year Bachelor level.

This specialisation is offered in our fall semester. For more info on this programme please click here.

Logistics Engineering

In this programme you learn how to manage and optimise various streams in, for example, physical distribution and human logistics. Physical distribution is all about transport, storage, planning and communication between different parties. Human logistics focuses on human streams, for example in the health service or at big events. We welcome exchange students in our fall and spring semester. You can choose from various courses which will be offered.

For more info on the courses available please click here

Civil Engineering

The Netherlands has been a frontrunner in coastal defence for centuries. Nowadays, Dutch Engineers export their services and expertise all over de world. At HZ, you will learn how to plan, design and build in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective way. You will specialise in Coastal Engineering, an area of civil engineering related to hydraulic engineering, road construction, pipeline design, bridges, dams, storm sewers, dykes and canals. We welcome exchange students in our fall and spring semester.

For more information please click here.

Water Management

The earth’s climate is changing rapidly. The main water problems we have to deal with in society are pollution, flooding and shortages. This has major impact for both humans and animals. As a water manager you make sure all life on earth can deal with the effects of climate change on nature, the weather and agriculture.

Exchange students can choose to do a number of courses from the programme with a total number of 30 ECTS per semester or choose a minor programme. 

For more information please click here.

Industrial Engineering & Management

The course Industrial Engineering & Management teaches you how to use technology, management theory and business economics in such a way that you will be able to improve production processes and to make organizations profitable or more sustainable.

You have an interest in technology, you enjoy coming up with smart solutions for the technical and management field. You are versatile and you can work in different branches of an organization, regardless whether it is the planning, purchasing, production or distribution department. With your problem-solving abilities, you are able to (re)design, improve and optimise production resources and processes by applying your knowledge on technology, business processes and change management.

We welcome exchange students in the 2nd year of the IE&M programme either in the Fall and/or Spring semester. Based on your educational background the programme coordinator will determine whether you will be admitted.

For more information please click here.

Offshore Renewable Energy (semester programme)

The contribution of Offshore Renewable Energy to the energy market is essential for a better environment and for our future. The human use of energy is still increasing and we are running out of fossil fuels. In the future, we can solve this by generating renewable offshore energy from wind, currents, waves and other sources. Currently, many new offshore wind farms are planned and build in the Netherlands. Zeeland is a major contributor to the construction of offshore wind farms, both nationally and internationally.

Currently, there are only a handful of study programmes that focus on renewable offshore energy. It will therefore be the sole focus of this new semester programme.

Click here for more info.

Applied Data Science (semester programme)

As from January 2020 our study programme Information & Communication Technology offers the one-semester Minor “Applied Data Science” (30 ECTS). This programme is taught in English and accessible to international (exchange) students.

Are you interested by what data can do for the world we live in and are you willing to learn? Then “Applied Data Science” may be what you are looking for.
Click here for more information.

Equipment Maintenance Technology (semester programme)

As from Autumn 2020 we are offering the one-semester programme “Equipment Maintanace Technology” (30 ECTS). This programme is taught in English and accessible to international (exchange) students who succesfully completed at least the first year of a technical bachelor programme.

Click here for more information


You will work on and gain experience in a real project (30 ECTS). Stakeholders and experts from the work field are looking forward to collaborate with you and to find solutions to the challenges they currently encounter. Your contribution will be of direct use to them, and future minor participants will build on your results.

More detailed info on these projects can be found here.

The following projects are available for exchange students;

Circular Economy

In this research theme you will work on research assignments from companies and/or governmental institutes, which are tackled by inter-disciplinary project teams.

Economics students work closely together with chemistry, biologic, engineering, logistics students, or students from a social domain.

You will develop a new business model or a transition strategy. Radical innovations are invented, and new products or product-service systems are designed.

For more info click here

Data Science

Big Data is rapidly taking over society. Good structures for using data responsibly are now essential. Here it is important to really understand the business and, in a wider sense, the context of the issue.
For more info click here

Biobased Building

Within the Biobased Building research group, students and lecturer-researchers from HZ and Avans carry out joint research. They deal with both construction and civil engineering applications, with a strong emphasis on the materials side. In addition to construction, other areas of expertise such as chemistry, product design, health, mechatronics and maintenance may also be linked to this research.

For more info click here

Marine Biobased Specialties

The Marine Bio-based Products research group focuses on research into the substances contained in algae, seaweeds and (salt-tolerant) plants (in the sea and on land) and their evaluation. Refining resources into useful ingredients is in line with our development into a sustainable, bio-based and circular economy. The research group carries out research with an evident chemical component (refining, modification, application) and fits in with an environment orientated towards applied research. Thanks to its nature and character, the Marine Bio-based Products research group has an especially good connection with our Sustainable Dynamic Delta.

For more info click here


If you have been selected by your home university to study one or two semesters at the HZ, you may start your application by registering through our online application procedure. Please follow the procedure carefully to make sure your application is registered. 

The following documents are required with your application:

All above mentioned documents must be in one of the following languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French or German. If this is not the case, you have to upload an official sworn translation in one of these languages.

Immigration information
Depending your nationality you may require a visa and/or a residence permit.The HZ student office will apply for these documents on your behalf after the application process is complete.
Read more about study visa and residence permit.

Practical information

You are about to leave for the Netherlands to study at HZ and this will surely be one of the most exciting and life changing experiences of your life! To assist in your preparations we give you some important practical information.


If you are an exchange student interested in studying at HZ, we advise you to first contact the Exchange Coordinator of your home university. For any inquiries on our exchange programmes, feel free to contact our International Office:

Evelien Clemminck, Incoming Exchange Students officer:

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