HZ Green Office is building on a sustainable society together with internal and external partners. HZ itself and its surroundings serve as a living lab for working on sustainable innovation and behavioural change.

Projects and events

HZ Green Office can be found every week in the student garden at the APV student campus in Vlissingen and in the food forest on the HZ site in Vlissingen.

Besides weekly activities, Green Office regularly organises other activities, such as a clothing swap, waste separation for international students, a bicycle tour of organic farmers, plant & macramé workshop, or a bicycle repair workshop. Together with APV Housing, we facilitate that departing international students can offer their household goods to newly arriving students, to prevent these items from ending up in the waste containers.

HZ Green Office fulfils a driving and supporting role in making HZ more sustainable, in the areas of waste, food, mobility, measurement of CO2 emissions, energy generation and saving, and creating a healthy indoor climate by placing plants.

Attention to biodiversity, climate and student welfare come together in greening the outdoor environment. In 2019, HZ Green Office started developing a student garden on a vacant plot of land near the APV student campus. Since 2022, a plot on the HZ site in Vlissingen has been transformed into a food forest. Through the roof of one of the buildings, the food forest collects rainwater in a wadi. The coffee grounds of the HZ are processed in the food forest as compost and on part of the coffee grounds we grow oyster mushrooms on a small scale.

Every week, HZ Green Office organises a clean-up action, in collaboration with Doe Mee Verlos de Zee. We also conduct research into the quantities and origins of litter. This is how we implement the cooperation agreement Clean Scheldt. To prevent the fragmentation of cans and plastic into small pieces, HZ students have been cleaning up litter along the Kanaal door Walcheren since 2022, shortly before the verges are mowed by the Province of Zeeland.

The HZ Green Office also supports activities and events of external parties, such as Doe Mee Verlos de Zee, The young climate movement, Urgenda, IVN, Province of Zeeland, CitySeeds, Municipalities and Zeeland 2050.

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Together for a Sustainable Environment

Students from various courses, both national and international, are working together towards a sustainable learning and living environment. Everyone is welcome to participate in one or more projects and thus contribute to the common goal: making HZ and its surroundings more sustainable.


Do you have your own idea for realising a project or event? Let us know! Get in touch via greenoffice@hz.nl and follow HZ Green Office on Facebook andInstagram.