Martijn Leenknecht defends his dissertation 'Student's Perspective on (de)Motivational Teaching Approaches in Higher Education' on Wednesday March 24 at 14:30. He shows how teachers in higher education can motivate their students optimally. Martijn is an educational scientist. He works for the Department of Education, Research and Quality of the HZ. As a PhD student he is connected to the Roosevelt Center for Excellence in Education in Middelburg.


Anyone interested in the topic can watch. A link of the livestream will be posted here about a week before the event. Registration is not required. Anyone wishing to receive the dissertation can leave their details at this form.

About the dissertation

Martijn explored, from the student's perspective, ways in which teachers can motivate their students. The research shows that students base their perceptions of how motivating their teacher is on the teacher's behavior, their overall image of him or her and the educational environment in general. "These findings show that teachers should not only focus on applying each motivational approach, but that paying attention to the general nature of approaching students also pays off and that motivating is actually teamwork for teachers", he says. "Motivating students is not just about what teachers do. How they do it matters, too."