On Wednesday 9 December, the HZ Stern for the best thesis of 2019-2020 was awarded in an online event. This year's winners are Miriam Günter with her research: "Niche market exploration for enhancing quality tourism" and Omar El Nahhas with his research: "Classification of visually unrecognizable steel defects".

The jury of the HZ Stern Prize has decided to select two winners of this year's prestigious prize. According to the chairman of the jury, Teunis de Weerd: "Miriam Günter of the Vitality and Tourism Management course has delivered a very complete, creative and rich thesis in which she investigated how a high-quality small market of mainly German tourists can extend the tourism season in Zeeland". About Omar El Nahhas of the Engineering course, the chairman says: "In his thesis he explained and tackled a very complex problem of visually unrecognizable contaminants in steel (plates) in a simple way. He has done this by means of, among other things, clear, visual images and he has indicated how these contaminations can possibly be prevented".

Both received a cheque of € 1.000,- and a bronze statue of a star, designed by artist Hetty Heyster. The other nominees received an amount of € 500,-.