Friday 11 February it is time for Warm Sweater Day (Warmetruiendag)! HZ also participates, on both locations the heating goes down a degree on Friday. So will you be at HZ on Friday? Put on your warmest sweater and do your bit!

Goodbye coal and gas, hello energy saving!

Warm Sweater Day is the happiest and biggest climate action in the Netherlands. If the whole of the Netherlands were to heat up one degree less on Warm Sweater Day, this would already save 3.3 million cubic metres of gas and 6.3 million kilos of CO₂. Putting your heating one degree lower for an entire heating season amounts to a saving of 1 megaton of CO₂. This is almost 30% of the CO₂ reduction that the Netherlands wants to achieve in the built environment by 2030.

With Warm Sweater Day, the organisation wants to enthuse even more people to save energy. After all, 1 in 5 people will be more energy-conscious after participating in Warm Sweater Day. For more information on the campaign, click here (in Dutch)!