Over 160 students, 23 teams, various courses and a load of ideas. Last week, the Lasloods in Vlissingen was the place for student companies by students of the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

During the Dockwize Student Startup Bootcamp, the students got the kickstart for their new companies that they will be working on throughout the semester. The week was all about brainstorming, interviews to find out the problem of the target audience and developing the business idea.

Business ideas with social impact
These business ideas focus on solutions to social and sustainable issues. In doing so, students not only develop a product or service that catches on in the market, but also has social or sustainable impact. From vitality activities for the elderly, a water collection system for in the shower to an oxygen cylinder holder for patients in the hospital.

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Who has the best business pitch?
On the final day, the teams competed for the best business pitch. Here, the Student Companies presented their solution to the jury. The company pitches were assessed by a professional jury consisting of Bert Schollema of HZ University of Applied Sciences, Dennis Castel of ZeeuwsOnline and Pascal Kartan of Dockwize.

The jury ultimately chose the student company with a drink cover against drugging due to current events as the best business idea pitch.