Since the celebration of the highest point of the Joint Research Center Zeeland (JRCZ), construction has not stood still. Some two weeks later, construction has progressed a great deal, but it is worth looking back at the modest celebration.

Commissioner Harry van der Maas guided the last concrete slab to its highest point, together with students Naïm Bhoelan (Scalda), Femke Bouwens (HZ) and Cezary Banaszek (UCR). Afterwards, as tradition dictates, there was 'pannenbier' on the building site for the construction workers and those involved. Staff and students were treated to cupcakes.

If everything goes according to plan, the research laboratory will open its doors in September 2022. From then on, students, teachers and researchers from Scalda, HZ and UCR will work together in the JRCZ on the societal challenges related to water, food, energy and the biobased economy. The JRCZ houses an engineering, chemistry, data and ecology lab. The four-story building, which incorporates a great deal of glass, will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In the makerspaces - large open spaces on each floor - the users work on assignments from the field. Here, they can inspire each other, support and learn from each other.

Campus Zeeland

The JRCZ is part of Campus Zeeland and gives secondary, higher and university education in Zeeland a boost. The research laboratory strengthens the province's innovative capacity. Furthermore, it makes Zeeland more attractive to students and knowledge professionals.