The first HZ University of Applied Sciences SDG Challenge is coming soon. It will be a two-day hackathon that will take place on the 4th and 5th of March 2021. The Challenge will be held online with presenting the outcomes live.

What is the HZ University of Applied Sciences SDG Hackathon?
The hackathon is a challenge that involves students who are going to be teamed up with leading organizations/institutions of the region to work together on an assignment (SDG-Challenge). The organizations and partners joining the challenge are Dow Chemicals, the Province of Zeeland, Concert at Sea, HZ Green Office, Zorggroep Ter Weel.

The organization of the SDG Challenge uses a special "pressure cooker" method so that the teams arrive at concrete and feasible concepts in 2 days - which also contribute to the SDGs. The challenge was developed in close collaboration with Soapbox.

Moreover, you can even become a facilitator for which you will receive additional training.

Participating in the SDG Hackathon or being a facilitator is connected to obtaining doble HZ Personality points. The students who win the HZ Hackathon will have the opportunity to compete in the National SDGs Challenge which will take place on the 17th of June 2021.

Do you want to know more or register for the event? Go to the website of the SDG Challenge.