An important milestone for Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt and the province of Zeeland. The Joint Research Center Zeeland (JRCZ) will be officially opened on Thursday 15 December.

From February next year, students, teachers and researchers will work together in the research laboratory on solutions to the societal challenges in the South West Delta.

Unique in its kind

The JRCZ is unique. The building consists of laboratories for engineering, chemistry, ecology and a data lab, all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. On each floor, there are so-called makerspaces where students meet with teachers and researchers. Here, they inspire and help each other solve complex, social issues around the themes of water, energy, food and the biobased economy. These are themes that fit the DNA of Zeeland and the South-West Delta.

The laboratory is located at Het Groene Woud in Middelburg, next to HZ. In the research laboratory, students, teachers and researchers from University College Roosevelt (UCR), HZ and Scalda will work together. They will do so with companies and institutions in the region, which will provide the bulk of the issues. As a result, the knowledge gained flows back into practice, but also contributes to the development of education.


The JRCZ helps Zeeland's education and knowledge infrastructure. It is one of the projects resulting from the advice 'Zeeland in stroomversnelling'.

Construction of the laboratory took more than two years. The white, partly transparent building with the large staircase along the outside to the roof is a design by Rothuizen Architects and Advisors.

The picture below is made by Ruden Riemens.