On Wednesday 28 June, the food forest, a public water tap point and two Jeu de Boules courts will be opened. They are initiatives through which we strive for sustainability, hands-on education, vitality and the creation of a healthy and green environment.

The food forest
The food forest is a project that responds to the growing need for sustainable food production, nature education and biodiversity. It combines the principles of permaculture, agroforestry and biodiversity to create a resilient and self-regulating ecosystem. This means students and teachers have an awesome place to experiment, research and learn about sustainable farming methods, biodiversity and food production. It is also possible to have outdoor classes here.

Water tap
A new water tap point has been opened on campus. This tap point aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduce the use of disposable plastic. You can now tap clean drinking water easily and quickly, reducing the use of bottled water. Drinking tap water has a 300x lower climate impact.

Jeu de Boules courts
There are now two Jeu de Boules courts at the HZ in Vlissingen where you can play a game together. These courts are designed to promote vitality and fun. So don't hesitate and enjoy the fun in the open air.