HZ in third position in the ranking ‘best medium-sized universities of applied sciences’

The assessment of the ‘Keuzegids hbo 2022’ shows that HZ is in third place among best medium-sized universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. For the twelfth year in a row, our university of applied sciences is in the top 3 in the Netherlands. Eleven HZ programmes – of the 21 assessed programmes – have been assessed as 'top study programme'. HZ has a solid institute score of 75.5 points, compared to 68 points last year.

Half of the study programmes are top programmes

What is outstanding is that no fewer than eleven HZ programmes may call themselves top programmes in their category this year. This is a significant increase compared to 2021, when four programmes received this label. Top programmes have more than 75 points and are allowed to use a quality seal.

In the social domain, rank the study programmes Social Work, Pedagogy, Primary Education Teacher and Nursing. In the economic domain these are Communication and Human Resource Management. In the technical domain it concerns HBO-ICT, Logistics Engineering, Maritime Officer, Chemistry and Industrial Engineering.

More good scores

In addition to the top programmes, International Business, Engineering and Water Management are also in the top 3 of their categories. The most notable riser in the entire spectrum is the HBO-ICT programme, which has risen from position No. 17 to No. 1 and is thus also a top programme.

Proud of results and quality

“The continuous pursuit of high-quality education is reflected in the wonderful results, with more than half of our programmes now qualifying as ‘top programme’”, says John Dane, president of the Executive Board. “This aim is not only expressed in concrete and good numbers such as study success, but also in student and lecturer satisfaction and the atmosphere within the programmes. We are extremely proud of that.

The HBO-ICT programme is a good example of where our quality assurance has proved to be successful. The NSE results of previous years have been used here to improve the education and increase student satisfaction. The voices of our students have thus been listened to and employee professionalism has been given ample space to realize improvement.

We have maintained our position in the rankings for years, even though we only provided online education over an extensive time during the corona period. I truly appreciate all HZ employees who contribute to our personal university of applied sciences and a meaningful future for our students.”