The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Day will take place on Friday 24 September.

HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt and Scalda have put together an excellent programme together with entrepreneurs, experts and students. The aim of the day is to put the SDGs further on the map, to delve deeper into the goals and bring them closer.

Climate march
The SDG Action Day starts on Friday 24 September at 9 a.m. with a climate march by University College Roosevelt on the Markt in Middelburg. At 10.00, the HZ, University College Roosevelt and Scalda in Vlissingen will hoist the SDG flags.

Activities and workshops

After that, there will be activities at the HZ in Vlissingen all day, in which we focus on the SDGs. There is a limited number of places for the lectures. Full is full. All lectures can also be followed via a livestream.

TimeActivity Location

09.00 hour

Climate March MiddelburgMarkt, Middelburg

10.45 hour - 11.45 hour

Lecture: Healthy soil, healthy food. Organic farmer Alex van Hootegem talks about his farm, the development it has gone through, the changes of direction and setbacks he has overcome. The language of this lecture is Dutch.

PE224, HZ Vlissingen


12.15 hour - 13.00 hourLecture: SDGs, what are they and what can I do with them? Bert Schollema of the HZ explains the SDGs and what the HZ does with them. He shares many examples and shows what you can do with them. The language of this lecture is English.Lokaal 0, HZ Vlissingen

12.30 hour - 15.30 hourScreening of Erin Brockovich and post-screening discussion. Erin Brokovich is a film about a woman who started a fight against a company that discharged toxic waste into drinking water.Room A122, HZ Vlissingen

13.00 hour - 13.30 hour

Lecture: Lesloods 15. Six young entrepreneurs who study at the HZ founded Lesloods 15. Their aim is to reduce the learning disadvantages of some children and to reduce the inequality of opportunity. The language of this lecture is Dutch.

Lokaal 0, HZ Vlissingen


13.30 hour - 14.00 hourLecture: Green Rooftop. Students Silvio Kaiser and Mathurin Mahe share their plans for building a green roof and rainwater garden on the APC campus in Middelburg. The language of this lecture is English.

Lokaal 0, HZ Vlissingen


14.00 hour - 14.45 hourLecture: Holding De Vier Ambachten. Contractor H4A works on smart solutions for mobility, housing, production and energy. Manager Martijn Verschuren tells about how his company implements the Climate Act and which SDGs are important in this respect.Lokaal 0, HZ Vlissingen

14.00 hour - 16.00 hour

Screening of Seaspiracy and post-screening discussion. A film about the global problems of the fishing industry, the damage it does to ocean life and global corruption. This movie received a lot of critiques; the movie would be tendentious, contain falsehoods, and wrongly links certain issues with eachother. Because of this there will be a critical post-screening discussion.

Room A022, HZ Vlissingen
14.00 hour - 15.30 hour

SDG Workshop. The Knowledge Centre for Business and Innovation wants the participants in this workshop to inspire each other by showing what we are thinking and doing in the field of sustainability. "Generating ideas together for improvement, creating a common language and working together on sustainability in a fun way." The language of this workshop is English.

HZ Café, HZ Vlissingen

14.45 hour - 15.30 hourLecture: Seaweed the future? Trainees of the lectorate Marine Biobased Specialties talk about how you can use seaweed in a smart way and what you can make of it. An edible plastic is one of the remarkable discoveries. The language of this lecture is English.

Lokaal 0, HZ Vlissingen


Throughout the day, there will be a stand in the HZ Café about SDG Events and stands from HZ Green Office with homemade waste bags, a recycling box, HZ waste bins and a Go About Bike. If you want to keep up with updates around the SDG Action Day Zeeland, follow #SDGZeeland.

More info or questions? Please contact Jorien Mesu-Minderhoud, project manager SDG Events: