On Thursday evening 8 September, we were startled by the report of an incident on the Bellamypark in Vlissingen. At that time, the Kick-Off Festival Zeeland was taking place. Around 22.40 hours there was a stabbing. The emergency services were quickly at the scene. A trauma helicopter was also called in.

We are deeply shocked that the victim has passed away. Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim. They have been taken care of by emergency services. The victim was a student at Scalda. Both students and staff are deeply affected by this event.

The investigation started immediately on the scene. According to the police spokesperson, a suspect was arrested in Middelburg shortly after the incident.

Victim support for witnesses
Many students, staff and visitors witnessed the incident. We understand that this has a great impact and evokes emotions. We will support the HZ students and staff who need it as best we can and offer them counselling where necessary. Students and employees of Scalda and UCR will be informed by their own educational institutions about possible help and guidance.

Meeting for HZ students, parents and employees
There will be a meeting on short term notice at Edisonweg 4 in Vlissingen. Students and staff will be informed internally about this meeting. HZ staff will be present, including the student psychologists and probably also staff from Victim Support.

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to dienstmarketing@hz.nl.

This sad event has an impact. Be there for each other and seek help where necessary. The HZ will do everything possible to support you in this,

With kind regards,
also on behalf of John Dane,

Barbara Oomen
Chair of the Executive Board
HZ University of Applied Sciences