The results of the National Student Survey (NSE) 2024 show that HZ students are once again truly satisfied with their education and college. On all themes tested, students give HZ University of Applied Sciences a score higher than the national average. With this, the quality of the institution and education is very consistent, with the atmosphere and teachers standing out.

Student ratings

From January through March 2024, students gave their assessment of their studies. This year the HZ response rate was 43%, compared to a national response rate of 37% - a sign of engagement. The NSE results show a positive and consistent picture, with scores all above the national HZ average. Below is a brief overview of the main results.

Results core themes, these were compared with other universities of applied sciences (benchmark):

  • HZ scores higher than the national average on all components of the core themes.
  • Of the seven core themes, 'the atmosphere at the program' (4.11 on a scale of 5) and 'the teachers have a lot of knowledge about professional practice' (4.02) score the highest. HZ students also respond positively to the statement 'I feel safe to be myself at the institution where I study' (4.18).
  • Of the core theme 'satisfaction in general', 'the atmosphere at the program' (4.11 on a scale of 5), 'the general skills acquired' (3.87) and 'the studyability of the program' (3.86) are rated highest.

Personal university of applied sciences

“We are very pleased with the positive feedback from our students,” says Barbara Oomen, president of the Executive Board. “The results of the NSE fit exactly with our vision as a personal college. The curriculum content, the connection to practice, the guidance, the involvement and contact - it is all above average. Our students are trained and guided in a pleasant and safe environment to become professionals of the future. In doing so, we give everyone room to be themselves. With these results, we remain at the same high level as last year. We are proud of that!”

Improving and innovating

The NSE is a source of information for the HZ and future HZ students. The results are used to continue to improve the quality of education and the organization and to innovate. Prospective students see the quality of the school through the eyes of the current student which can help in making their study choice.