HZ University of Applied Sciences signed the call for a Sustainable Coalition Agreement on Thursday. In doing so, it asks the Dutch government to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a compass for the new coalition agreement.

The HZ is not alone in this. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people have signed the petition. They want the new government to create an action plan in order to achieve the SDGs, make policies for them, make resources available and make sure citizens can contribute to with them. Water Management student Carmel Michaeli would love to do the latter. “Give us the opportunity to take part. It’s good to involve new generations. We can all make a difference, whether it’s big or small.”

Yana Hadzhigeorgieva, who studied International Business at HZ, is a coordinator of the HZ Green Office and involved in the SDG events at HZ. She believes that the government may not ignore the sustainability goals. “It’s about much more than sustainability. It is also about equality, poverty, health and gender.” She stresses the importance of working together. “That's the key if you want to reach these goals.”

Together we can do anything

Maturin Mahe agrees with this. Just like Michaeli he studies Water Management. “As a student on your own you can already do something, but together we can do anything, especially if we have a sustainable coalition agreement." Water management student Jan Flechner, who is also a clean-up coordinator and Yana’s colleague, cites a phrase from his favorite metal band Nigthwish to show his commitment to the agreement. “We are here to care for the garden, the wonder of birth of every form most beautiful."

Eva Boerjan, who studies Business Administration, welcomes the fact that HZ has signed the agreement. “Every student who wants to make a difference must know that HZ also makes a strong case for a better world. The SDGs bring us closer to such a better world.”


Teacher and researcher Ingrid de Vries is pleased that HZ supports the SDG Nederland initiative. “I like it that students, lecturers and the management support this. In our university, we train young people. It’s more than just education, we want to give them something for their future. After all, they are the ones you will take the reins later.” Jorien Mesu-Minderhoud wholeheartedly agrees with Ingrid’s words. She coordinates the HZ events around the Sustainable Development Goals. “Come, listen, be inspired, meet, get into conversation and realize that we need each other to make the world a little more beautiful”, is her call.


From left to right: John Dane, Yana Hadzhigeorgieva, Joeri Versluis, Jorien Mesu-Minderhoud, Jan Flechner, Eva Boerjan, Ingrid de Vries, Maturin Mahe and Carmen Michaeli.