HZ University of Applied Sciences has signed the call for a Sustainable Coalition Agreement. The signatories want the cabinet formed after the elections to use the sustainable development goals as a guideline for the new coalition agreement.

The HZ and other signatories call for a future strategy that enables broad prosperity. Policies and resources must contribute to this structurally. "We need such a strategy to bring the Netherlands back within ecological, economic and social limits," the initiators write on their website. "The transitions needed for this are not isolated. Climate action and nature restoration only make sense if everyone can come along. Equal opportunities are only achievable with restored trust and good education. A sustainable economy only works with a renewed labor market and a fair business climate."

Over 1,400 signatures

The manifesto includes a call for citizens, businesses, organizations to be involved in drafting the future strategy. The call also applies especially to young people.

More than 1,400 organizations and businesses have signed the call.

Ingrid de Vries of HZ Green Office is pleased that HZ has signed the agreement. "I like the fact that students, teachers and management are behind this. At our school we form young people. It is more than education, we also want to give them something to do. The manifesto rightly emphasizes the role of young people in shaping this vision of the future; after all, it is about their future and they will have to do it later."

The manifesto can be read on this website.